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3 Unique shows 1/26-1/28!

FRI 1/26 7-10 Autumn June - With a Sheryl Crow-like vibe and strong acoustic guitar,  Autumn June mixes country, rock and folk to create a sound and style of her own👩‍🎤!

SAT 1/27  7-10 Fat Tractor, Tampa Bay's tightest trio🔥🔥🔥, is BACK to TSD!  They're known for vocal harmonies, tight riffs, and a set list that is familiar and yet full of surprises!

SUN 1/28  2:30-5:30 Riff Johnson - Riff is a guitar virtuoso✨ whose voice matches his playing (he's been named one of the best rock vocalists out of Nashville!); he is sure to entertain 🤩us!


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