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FRI 3/1 7-10 Clint Byron Duo - Clint Byron's duo acoustic show is sure to please the many fans of this Nashville recording artist---don't miss this experience!

SAT 3/2  7-10 Rusty Wright Band - This Billboard Top 5 artist's sound is a hot rod fusing of Texas-style blues rock, boogie & southern guitar rock. We think you'll dig it🤩!!

SUN 3/3 2:30-5:30 Michael Nichols - Michael can play it all: rock, reggae, blues, country---and he's always learning more! Come catch his debut at TSD🎉


FRI 2/23 7-10 Night Bliss "gets into the DNA of the poetry of each song", whether they play jazz, or rock classics, they recreate them✨!!

SAT 2/24  7-10 We're thrilled to welcome back Dawson Hollow, the indie folk rock band from the Ozarks whose music encompasses the nostalgia of folk while channeling the urgent and intoxicating energy🌟of indie-rock! Their performance will lift your spirits🤩and have you singing along!!

SUN 2/25 2:30-5:30 Overdue Bill will play your country favorites and some originals too! Come hang out on the patio this Sunday and relax😎🌴!


FRI 2/16 7-10 Jonathan Di Renzo debuts! Jon is an Argentinean alt rock singer/songwriter who plays multiple instruments. We're excited to have him at TSD for the first time--let's make him welcome👏!

SAT 2/17 7-10 Kamenar is a hard rock band from Tampa featuring twin brothers Sean and John Kamenar who put on a high energy🔥and interactive live show. Do you wanna rock🤘🤘🤘!?!

SUN 2/18 2:30-5:30 John Ford mixes the blues of the 1920’s & 30’s, of Robert Johnson and Son House, a bit of 1940's country and a pinch of gospel rhythm, and comes up with his own brand of the roots experience🎸!

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