Our flagship spirits are produced from scratch right on our premises. They are Gramling Woods Moonshine, a high rye traditional Appalachian-style moonshine; Anclote Gin, a silky smooth gin with black peppercorn and citrus notes, Papou’s Ouzo, with its traditional anise and fennel flavor accented with orange and warm spices, and Claresso, a unique distilled coffee spirit with an espresso nose and toffee finish. All our craft spirits are distilled and bottled at Tarpon Springs Distillery, Tarpon Springs, Florida

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Papou (Grandpa) was the nickname of Stephen Katzaras, a well-known sponge merchant who owned the historic warehouse we now call home. To honor Stephen and the proud Greek community that lives in Tarpon Springs, we present Papou’s Ouzo. Inspired by Greece, but with a Florida flair, Papou’s Ouzo has the refreshing flavors of anise and fennel with a hint of orange nose. When served over ice, it releases its aroma and turns milk white. Papou’s Ouzo pairs nicely as a substitute for wine with fish and octopus.

Gramling Woods Moonshine was named by our master distiller, Barry, after his father: Jack Gramling Butler. We would have called it Jack, but that was already taken! Malted grain is the secret to its bold flavor and smooth finish. Malted corn, rye, and barley are fermented with sugar and distilled in our 500-gallon pot still. Using malted grains cost more, but we think making a premium product is more important than saving a few bucks. Give it a try and we think you’ll agree.

Anclote Gin is named for the Anclote River that flows past the historic sponge docks of Tarpon Springs out to the Gulf of Mexico. The Anclote is also the source of our water. Water from underground wells feed by the Anclote River and the Gulf of Mexico is collected and purified. The resulting pure water is the foundation of our fine gin. Anclote Gin is juniper forward with notes of black pepper and Florida Citrus. It is great in cocktails or served straight over ice.

Do you ever sit around staring at your morning coffee wondering what would happen if you ran it through the still? OK, maybe not. But we think about things like that. Claresso is a unique spirit made by distilling a malted grain mash containing Cuban-style espresso. This incredibly smooth spirit is great alone or in your favorite coffee cocktail. Tasting notes: coffee nose, a deep espresso flavor, toffee and chocolate finish.

Sample and purchase our spirits at our distillery
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Enjoy a tour of our distillery and learn how we make ultra-small batch artisanal moonshine, gin, and ouzo in our renovated historic sponge warehouse, the former Stephen Katzaras Sponge Company. You’ll see our stills, Amazing Grace and RD2D, hear the story behind their names, and then taste our delicious spirits in our tasting room. There is no charge for the tour and they run every hour, or by appointment.

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