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We moved to Tarpon Springs in 2013 and fell in love with our unique Greek-American community. We decided to open a craft distillery to produce artisanal spirits, made traditionally, but accented with a Florida flair. On our premises we produce our spirits from scratch -- Gramling Woods® High Rye Moonshine, Gramling Woods Oaked Moonshine, Papou’s® Ouzo, Anclote® Very Small Batch Gin, Anclote David Douglas Gin, Anclote Hot and Dirty Gin  and Claresso®. Tarpon Springs Distillery is family-owned (Barry and Lisa Butler). We make our spirits from scratch on the premises with premium malted grains.


Tarpon Springs, known as the “Sponge Capitol of the World”, has the largest percentage of Greek-American residents anywhere in the United States.


Stephen Katzaras came to Tarpon Springs at age 17 from Symi, Greece. He served his new country with honor, established the Stephen Katzaras Sponge Company and ran it for 6 decades, and lovingly gave back to the community that had given him a home.


Gramling Woods Moonshine was named for Barry’s father, Jack Gramling Butler. We couldn’t name it “Jack” for obvious reasons!

Gramling Woods Oaked Moonshine is conditioned with oak to bring out vanilla and caramel notes and a smoky nose. It tastes like a bourbon, but it's made from smooth as silk moonshine.

Gramling Woods Rye Malt Whiskey is our first aged whiskey. Made from 60% malted rye, 25% malted pecan-smoked barley, and 15% malted corn it has maple syrup and brown sugar on the nose and finishes with smoked toffee. 


Papou’s Ouzo was named after Stephen Katzaras (known as Papou or “grandfather” to his family and the community). He used to make ouzo for himself and friends behind a burlap curtain in the warehouse where our still, Amazing Grace, distills our craft ouzo today. 


Anclote Gin is named for the Anclote River, home harbor to the sponging industry in Tarpon Springs. It's a silky smooth distilled gin made with premium malted grains, juniper, coriander, black peppercorns, and the zest of lemons, limes and grapefruits.

Anclote David Douglas Gin is a distilled gin named for the botanist who discovered the Douglas Fir. It starts with a mash of rye, pecan-smoked barley and sweet corn, and adds juniper, Douglas Fir needles, rosemary, and coriander.

Anclote  Hot and Dirty Gin is distilled with juniper, coriander, green olives, and a proprietary blend of peppers including Florida bird peppers. It's basically a dirty martini in a bottle, shaken, or stirred.

Anclote Aquavit is a Scandinavian "digestif" and with its caraway and dill seed and pickling spices, it makes an incredibly delicious bloody Mary we call "Erik the Red".

Anclote Orange Liqueur is made with the zest of Florida oranges. Enjoy it on the rocks or in place of Cointreau in cocktails like margaritas and Old Fashioneds.

Claresso, a unique spirit distilled from a grain mash with sugar and espresso, comes from the Spanish word "claro" which means clear, and espresso. Unlike all the other coffee spirits on the market, the flavor is distilled in, not infused!

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