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What are we thankful for???

All of the above (!!!), but we are especially thankful for you and your support during our first year of operation!! Its been a crazy year, and we picked a heck of a time to open a business, but thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting (even virtually!), enjoying our tours and tastings and concerts, and spending your precious time with us!!!! We cherish the stories, and the laughter, and the fun that our guests bring with them! We never know what we're going to hear when we start that conversation, but have been constantly amazed! We've hosted a 101-year old gentleman (who loved our ouzo!), a veteran who had worked on the tanks that our fermentation tanks are named for, a new transplant to Florida who had once been a part of a moonshine empire in the Midwest, FBI agents who couldn't even tell us what they had done (or else they'd have to kill us!), first-responders and nurses on the front lines, and so many others. For us, it's not the spirits we create, but the lives that we touch and the friends that we make that we will remember. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!! We're closed on Thanksgiving Day, but open the day before (Wednesday), and the entire weekend afterwards (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and will be starting a righteous Black Friday Sale so stay tuned!!!

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