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The Sauce Boss is Coming!!!!!

Bill Wharton, "The Sauce Boss", will be playing at Tarpon Springs Distillery on Feb. 19 (SUN) from 3-6 PM. This is a show that you do not want to miss!! If you've seen The Sauce Boss live, you'll never forget him and will want to see him again & again! The Sauce Boss brings his slide guitar, and a pot of gumbo all across the US and to Canada, Europe, and Asia. He cooks gumbo while smoking his slide guitar; serving up bowls to the audience at the end of the shows. In his own words, “You take that 53 Telecaster, pump it through that 48 Fender amp... simmered down over some funky swamp blues, and smothered with gumbo, and you got a recipe for a good time."

"I believe that music will lift you up out of your trouble and tribulation, and take you to a better place. When we are on the road with a day off, we take our music and gumbo to homeless shelters and soup kitchens all over the USA. We play a free concert and serve up a tasty meal for some folks that could REALLY use a bowl of gumbo.

HINTS: This is our biggest name ever and we are not selling tickets, so come a little early to secure a good seat or bring comfy chairs, if you like, so you can set up where you want to. There'll be a hotdog cart so you can get a bite before the end of the show, or feel free to bring snacks. Be prepared to HAVE FUN, and call 727-940-2045 or message us (on the website, via FB or IG Messenger, or Google message) at the distillery if you have any questions!

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