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Music for everyone this weekend!!

Big News: SAT 2/4 7-10 We're so thrilled to welcome back Dawson Hollow, an indie-folk-rock band from the Ozarks. They're a group composed of 5 incredibly talented siblings whose harmonies soar. If you've seen them, you know you need to be here, and if you haven't, come out and see what you've been missing!!

On SUN 2/5 from 2:30-5:30 we're lucky to have singer/songwriter Forrest McCurren, who writes songs for good people who got bad grades in school, are drunk on dreams, and still trying to figure out if life is sour or sweet. If you like John Prine, you'll love Forrest McCurren!

Doubling back to FRI 2/3 from 7-10 pm Have you heard of Panhandle blues?!? D. Scott Riggs plays Panhandle blues, a rich gumbo of Delta, Piedmont and country blues, with jazz, gospel, Cajun, and jug music thrown in for extra flavor! You've got to see this!

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