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Kyle Shaw, Crackerbilly Band, & Bill Floyd Play TSD this Weekend!

Who🦉's playing the Rye Bar at Tarpon Springs Distillery❓

FRI JUN 17 6-9 Kyle Shaw Music: Kyle is a singer/songwriter & guitarist with a fine voice and an eclectic style spanning many genres

SAT JUN 18 6-9 Crackerbilly Band, back to TSD for the 👌rd time(!!!), mixes oldtime, bluegrass, country, Florida folk, & Americana transforming it into their own blend of upbeat drunken, beer snobbery, moonshine drinkin', biscuit eating entertainment! (YES, Barry will play banjo on a couple songs!!)

SUN JUN 19 2:30-5:30 Bill Floyd: Relax, kick back, and listen to acoustic music everyone enjoys: Americana, contemporary, country 😎🍹🌴

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