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Happy New Year!!! Music for 12/29 -12/31

On mobile, click on the pics below for more info!

FRI 12/29 7-10 Ben Prestage has played Deep South swamp music all over the world. Prestage creates a totally unique sound with self-crafted instruments made from roasting pans, alligator heads, and even a closet door!

SAT 12/30 7-10 Brian Leneschmidt Band - Brian has toured nationally and internationally✈️and has released 6 albums with his band; he'll bring the blues and rock🎸he loves  to life on our stage!

SUN 12/31  2:30-5:30 Alex Lopez and The Xpress - Indie Music buzzes about Alex and his band, "Modern day masters of the blues"! Don't wait till late to go out, join us New Year's Eve afternoon for some 🔥🔥🔥music!!

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